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From the moment we receive your Request for Proposal, we focus on working with you to ensure that the solution we offer meets and exceeds your expectations for effect-iveness and cost-efficiency.
Our services include:


We do not have any restriction on minimum contracts we cover. This means that whether you need our service for a few hours, days, months or years you can call on us.

We are available at short notice, which means that even if you have been let down by another security company, your transition to United Risk International will be seamless.

We can craft a customized security package to fit any site and budget without compromising your safety.

We are open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week so in case of an emergency we can be reached. To find out more call us today: 847.593.9995 or
email us at info@united-risk.com


  • United Risk International's Training Division is dedicated to providing the highest quality professional training to civilians, private investigators and public & private law enforcement personnel.

    Utilizing our 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves in providing combat proven, reality based training that will help ensure survival of a lethal force encounter physically, psychologically and legally.

    Our expert Attorney / Nationally Certified Instructor Teams teach a variety of classes to suit your needs:

    Law Enforcement / Military Tactical Training Classes:

    Whether you are a patrol officer, detective or a soldier being deployed to a combat zone, our certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors can help you learn the skills you need to survive in high-risk environments. Cover and concealment, tactical movement, incapacitation drills and rifle / pistol transitions are just some of the many valuable, potentially life-saving skills we help you master so that they become second nature under stress.

      •   CQC Ambush & Assassination Attempt Defense
      •   Modern Pistolcraft and Tactical Pistol Training - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
      •   Force on Force / Decision Making Training (Airsoft)
      •   Live-Fire Decision Making Training
      •   Civil Liability Mitigation with Lethal Force Confrontations
      •   Civil Liability concerning "Duty to Train" Issues

    Tuition free grants are available for personnel being deployed to combat zones or LE officers assigned to high-risk duties. Contact us for pricing and schedules.

    Defensive Tactics / Empty Hand Weapons DefenseIn preparing for the realities of the street, we cannot ignore the possibility of being put into a situation where we are confronted with an armed offender while we are unarmed. As helpless as you may feel while being threatened by an armed offender, the reality is that with the proper training and skill, you can effectively defend yourself and many times turn the tables on the offender. Our martial arts expert can give you the skills and confidence you need to effectively survive and prevail while facing an armed offender with empty hands. Contact us for pricing and schedule.

    Chicago Resident Gun Safety and TrainingAs of July 12, 2010, Chicago residents can own firearms provided they obtain a firearms registration permit from the Chicago Police Department. This attorney-certified 6 hour class exceeds the training requirements for a Chicago Firearms Permit, and includes 1 hour of live-fire training and 4 hours of classroom training. Class covers legal, ethical and moral considerations surrounding firearms, dangers and misuse of firearms, safety and storage considerations, as well as weapons selection, care and cleaning. FOID card assistance is included.

    Florida Non-Resident Concealed Carry Class – Valid in 35 States This is a 5 hour attorney-certified class which is required for the FL CCW Permit which has reciprocity in 31 States. The class covers 1 hour of live-fire training, as well as everything you need for your FL CCW Permit including application packets, assistance in completing all forms, notary, fingerprinting, and the handgun safety and concealed carry class. After class completion, you’ll receive a Certificate of Training which you will include in your application packets. Permit is valid for 7 years. Price does not include the $117 Florida State fee.

    Home Defense Family Security Class In this 6 hour course, our Certified Security Experts teach you how to harden your home and protect your family, including the selection and use of personal defense weapons. Course includes what you need to know to use a firearm competently for self protection: weapons operation, safe weapon handling and care, basic tactical skills, tactics for defending your castle, emergency / disaster planning, family safety and communication considerations, and laws pertaining to deadly force. No prior firearms experience necessary.

    Pre-Purchase Firearms Consulting A Certified Firearms Expert will guide you through the serious endeavor of selecting a personal defensive firearm for your home, office or concealed carry. This will cover weapon type, caliber, ammunition and sight systems. For clients in the Chicago metro area it also includes a visit to a local gun store.

    Private Firearms Coaching Whether you are a novice who wants to start out with the very best training or a professional who carries a firearm as part of their job, our Certified Firearms Instructors can help bring your firearms proficiency to the next level. Our combat proven, reality based methods will ensure you are prepared for a lethal force encounter. Private coaching is charged by the session and does not include range fees or ammunition.

    Workplace Violence Prevention This dynamic training course will address threat assessment, violence prevention, intervention and response strategies; workplace factors that contribute to homicides, and key policy considerations and protocols such as prevention through environmental design. The class features video clips of real workers who plotted killings in the workplace so that managers can see into the mind of the violent employee. Designing your workplace to prevent violent assault and a workplace site safety survey are included in the training. Class provided on request.

    Terrorist Attack Avoidance / Domestic Terrorism Although overseas-based foreign terrorists have captured the attention of America when considering terrorism, domestic terror organizations have been an active threat to consular and diplomatic personnel as well as American society for much longer. This fascinating training program provides all the information needed to understand the motives and operations on the many different domestic terrorism groups currently operating in the United States and how your consulate, embassy or corporation may be a target and what steps you can take to address the threat and avoid becoming the victim of an attack. Class provided on request.

    Security Awareness Training This class is designed to give management and staff alike an understanding of the most pressing security issues facing your organization. This class is custom designed by our security experts to teach security awareness and preventative measures that will help company employees, information and assets stay safe. Class provided on request.

    Executive Self-Defense Training This class is designed for executives that face potentially hazardous situations because of where they work, places that they travel, or information and/or assets that they travel with. Also valuable for high-profile executives that do not have their own personal security team. Focuses on self-defense, survival, travel/transportation security issues and non-lethal defense alternatives. Class provided on request.