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From the moment we receive your Request for Proposal, we focus on working with you to ensure that the solution we offer meets and exceeds your expectations for effect-iveness and cost-efficiency.
Our services include:


We do not have any restriction on minimum contracts we cover. This means that whether you need our service for a few hours, days, months or years you can call on us.

We are available at short notice, which means that even if you have been let down by another security company, your transition to United Risk International will be seamless.

We can craft a customized security package to fit any site and budget without compromising your safety.

We are open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week so in case of an emergency we can be reached. To find out more call us today: 847.593.9995 or
email us at info@united-risk.com


  • Our breadth of experience ranges from defending U.S. and foreign embassies, U.S. and foreign diplomats and their residences, current and former heads of state, and protecting individuals throughout the world, including combat zones. Regardless of the environment, we operate professionally and bring accountability to the missions we undertake.

    United Risk International’s Protective Services Division delivers flexible and rapidly-deployable, integrated security solutions to suit any situation in any part of the world. We work closely with customers to assess risks and formulate the appropriate mix of professional services and advanced technologies. Our service offerings include:

    • Site Protection/Access Control:
      URI provides perimeter and roving patrols trained to respond to a wide variety of threats and situations at both residential and commercial sites. Duty includes verification of passes and identification cards, full searches, and close control over temporary workers and uncleared personnel.
    • Mobile Convoy Escort:
      URI provides convoy escort services to safeguard movement of clients, equipment, and personnel. URI provides armored and unarmored vehicles, guard personnel, trained drivers, and interpreters.
    • Personal Security Details (PSD):
      URI provides close protection services for U.S. and foreign government officials, employees of private companies, and other individuals handling high-value materials.
    • K-9 Services & Training:
      URI dog teams are trained and certified by our former DoD K-9 Trainers to detect and counter threats from explosive devices, including IEDs, car bombs, unexploded munitions and landmines, and illegal narcotics. Professional dog training is provided at one of our several facilities, including our 5 acre K-9 training center in Northern Illinois. URI can also provide fully trained, rapidly deployable sentry dogs, personal protection K-9’s and dual purpose Police K-9’s.
    • Explosives Detection K9 Teams:
      URI K9 trainers have provided bomb dogs to police departments all over the United States, and to government, military and private clients all over Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe the Middle East and Asia. URI takes the time to insure that our Explosive Detection Dogs are highly trained, which is why our dogs have a reputation of being the best in the industry. URI trainers have developed proprietary bomb dog search techniques on vehicles, buildings, aircraft, busses, luggage and open areas.
    • URI bomb dogs are trained on the following explosives:
    • Smokeless Powder                        Blasting/safety fuse

      TNT & Detanator Cord                    C-4

      Water Gel                                     Ammonia Dynamite

      Date Sheet                                   Nitro Dynamite

      Sodium Nitrate                              Potassium Chlorate

      RDX                                             PETN

    • In addition we have the capability, if required by the customer, to add the following odors:
    • Semtex                                        Military Dynamite

      Sodium Chlorate                           Ammonia Nitrate Fertilizer (ANFO)

      Kino Pac                                      HMX

      PETN Detonator Cord

    • For clients overseas, we can assist in obtaining intelligence as to the specific types of explosives being used by terrorists in the region, and combine or mix explosive scents to ensure that K9s are recognizing those unique explosive types or mixes.
    • Local Security Forces & Regional Partners:
      URI cooperates with local sources of security to ensure the availability and integrity of in-country long term support.
    • Support and Analysis:
      URI consultants and partners possess extensive knowledge in anti-terrorism and special operations, intelligence collection, vulnerability assessments and surveys, and complex investigations. URI has provided these services to 14 sovereign foreign governments, the United Nations, as well as the U.S. State Department.