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From the moment we receive your Request for Proposal, we focus on working with you to ensure that the solution we offer meets and exceeds your expectations for effect-iveness and cost-efficiency.
Our services include:


We do not have any restriction on minimum contracts we cover. This means that whether you need our service for a few hours, days, months or years you can call on us.

We are available at short notice, which means that even if you have been let down by another security company, your transition to United Risk International will be seamless.

We can craft a customized security package to fit any site and budget without compromising your safety.

We are open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week so in case of an emergency we can be reached. To find out more call us today: 847.593.9995 or
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  • United Risk International Security Consultants average over 20 years experience providing security consulting services for new construction projects, industrial campuses and government facilities. United Risk International's multidisciplinary team of experts are highly qualified specialists in the design of security systems, electronics and electrical systems, as well as CCTV and mass communication systems. Project experience includes the largest residential living complex in the world, statehouse and capitol buildings, major manufacturing facilities and corporate campuses, high-rise multi-use skyscrapers and VIP estates.

    The key to effectively protecting and growing returns for an organization's shareholders is to identify and manage the risks that could prevent the achievement of business objectives. Proactively addressing potential areas of risk is crucial for an effective security program. Our consultants will undertake a comprehensive and independent review of your security policies, structures and processes to ensure they are effective.

    These are just some of the key deliverables from United Risk International Security Consulting:

      •  Conduct comprehensive assessment on the organization and recommend processes and programs to
         mitigate risks based on industry standards and best practices.
      •  Based on recommendations, develop, implement and manage new corporate programs or processes.
      •  Conduct analysis of existing programs or processes to identify gaps or overlaps in risk controls.
      •  Fine-tune and improve a specific process or program by identifying deficiencies and then remediate
      •  Assess specific facilities to identify unique risks and ensure enterprise standards are applied.
      •  Audit standards and processes to ensure compliance and efficiency.

         Security consulting deliverables generally include a review of:

      •  Background & operation of the locations- environment and work routine.
      •  Existing security policies/procedures. If there are no existing policies and procedures United Risk
         International will be able to write them, ranging from high level strategic documents to site manuals.
      •  Crisis management policies and procedures. If there are no existing policies and procedures,
         United Risk International will be able to write them.
      •  Contingency planning/procedures/incident control. If there are no existing policies and procedures,
         United Risk International will be able to write them.
      •  Physical security, electronic systems, physical countermeasures, architectural and environmental
      •  Security personnel, management, and security awareness training.

    Our highly experienced consultants conduct all assessments by working with your company's key leadership to compare your firm's current practices with the best practices in security management systems, human resources, physical security, workplace procedures and crisis management plans. Some of our most frequently requested security consulting services include:

    Security Vulnerability Assessments A Security Vulnerability Assessment will essentially provide your company with a roadmap to implement a successful security program. The assessment is based on the interrelationship of three key factors: personnel, procedural and physical security measures.

    This service is ideal for organizations with decentralized, fragmented or no security infrastructure. This report defines the structure of risk control, including a definition of recommended programs and processes to safeguard the organization.

    Security Infrastructure Assessments In most organizations, risk management and internal control activities are numerous and fragmented. This lack of alignment and coordination can result in overlaps or gaps in risk mitigation coverage. Through our security infrastructure assessment, united risk international can help companies identify and understand the misalignments, challenges, and improvement opportunities in their risk and security frameworks. We conduct gap analysis using industry standards and best practices as the foundation to provide a clear definition of focus areas and efforts that help management drive incremental improvements that mitigate risk and enhance overall performance.

    This service is ideal for organizations with existing programs in place that require validation of current processes. It also applies to companies that require integration as a result of a merger. This process establishes any leaks through a gap analysis and recommends solutions for greater efficiency based on industry standards, compliance drivers and best practices.

    Facility Assessments & AuditsEach facility has unique risks based on the nature of the business being conducted and its location. Understanding your facility's exposure is the first step in mitigating loss. A facility risk assessment evaluates existing security and safety measures and identifies security hazards, threats and vulnerabilities. Observations are presented to explain relevance, and countermeasures are suggested for the protection of business processes, employees, visitors, company assets and the general public.

    This service is ideal for organizations looking to identify physical security vulnerabilities at its facility(s), whether at a new or existing location. It also applies to a company that needs to audit a facility and compare against existing standards or a company who needs an assessment of the facility to determine the risks in order to create new standards. A United Risk International consultant will create the actual standards.

    International Project Security PlanningUnited Risk International can undertake a complete review of the security measures required to manage international projects. This includes local risk assessment, expatriate residential security plans, local security staff training and coordination and comprehensive site security plans.

    International Project Security Management United Risk International can manage all aspects of security for international projects. This includes liaison with government agencies and local stakeholders, oversight of local security staff and executive protection teams, management of all travel security for key staff and, in the event of a security incident, implementation of contingency plans and assistance where necessary.